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Mary Loyd is a storyteller whose lyrics are the heart on her sleeve. When she's happy, you'll feel the sun shining down on her neck while cruising along an old country road. When she's sad, you'll feel the knife in her back. With sounds that merge traditional twang and contemporary country, Mary Loyd is on her way to being a shining neon star among Nashville's musical exports.

Hailing from Southern California, Mary grew up on country, pop and classic rock. Beginning piano and vocal lessons at the age of 7, she quickly learned how to perform music by influential Twang-Pop goddesses like Shania Twain, Martina McBride and The Dixie Chicks. Following piano and vocal lessons, she dove head-first into music, learning guitar at age 12 and joining a band while songwriting at age 14. 

Though the sunshine state is where she feels most at home, having the soul of an artist has taken Mary on a detour towards big city lights and her even bigger dreams. Since making the move to Nashville in 2016, Mary has accomplished some of her greatest career achievements, including releasing two singles, filming her first music video and performing at the historic Exit/In venue. As a songwriter today, she finds herself drawn to the honest lyrics and simple melodies of country music, while still intertwining her rock and pop influences, creating a sound that is entirely her own. Growing up in Southern California has given Mary a unique edge in the traditional country music scene, exhibiting a vibe that fans can’t get enough of. 


When asked about an important life lesson she has learned, Mary gives a very humanizing response, expressing how important a strong support system is. She is very open with how she struggled moving 2,000 miles away from her hometown and the difficulties it presented. Mary gives a reassuring statement to others that may be struggling with the same situation, stating, “Sometimes chasing your dreams means making difficult choices and stepping outside of your comfort zone, but you have to remember to keep your relationships strong along the way in order to stay grounded.”


 It is clear that Mary Loyd is a refreshing new force to be reckoned with in the country music scene. She is edgy, yet traditional; grounded, but still a dreamer; compassionate and determined as she brings her own unique style to Nashville.




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